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Grandview Singers Holiday Calendar


GS Holiday Tour 2021


(Updated 11/19/21)


Committed Events/dates:
Grandview Public Library- Monday, December 6th 
Women Today- Tuesday, December 7th
Holiday In The Heights- Tuesday, December 7th 
Tri-Village Rotary Breakfast- Wednesday, December 8th  
Probus Luncheon- Wednesday, December 8th 
Home Holiday Performances- Tuesday, December 14th (3 events)
Ohio State House- Wednesday, December 15th 

Logistics and instructions for each event:

Monday, December 6th 

Grandview Public Library
Report time/Location:  6:30 PM/GHPL classroom
Performance time:  7:00 PM
Student Preparation:  Arrive in concert dress, with folders
Related instructions:  We will have a logistical rehearsal on-site during 5th period.
PUBLIC performance- free admission


Tuesday, December 7th    
Women Today- Brookside Country Club
Report time/Location:  Lunch- choir room
*(Classes to be missed:  6th block)
Performance time:  1:00 PM
Student Preparation:  Eat lunch at school before changing.  Loading bus at 11:40.
Related instructions:  Upon return, change and report to 8th period block.  Outfits remain at school for tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 7th 

Holiday In The Heights
Grandview Avenue
Report time/Location:  6:10 PM- Corner of Grandview Avenue and 2nd. 
Performance time:  6:30 PM
Student Preparation:  Warm and casual dress (nice “caroling” clothes)
Related instructions:  Outdoor performance.  Dress appropriately for the weather/temperature.
PUBLIC performance- free admission


Wednesday, December 8th 
Tri-Village Rotary Club Breakfast- Co-hatch
Report time/Location:  6:50 AM/choir room
*(Classes to be missed:  part of 1st block)
Performance time:  7:30 AM
Student Preparation:  Arrive in concert dress, pack your garment bag and a change of clothes for the school day.  Bring cash for quick breakfast stop.
Related instructions:  Upon return, change and report to 1st period block by 9:10.  Outfits remain at school.


Wednesday, December 8th     
Probus- MCL Cafeteria- Kingsdale Shopping Center
Report time/Location:  10:45 AM/choir room
*(Classes to be missed:  all of 5th block)
Performance time:  11:45 PM
Student Preparation:  Outfits should be at school.  Eat a snack before/after changing into concert dress.
Related Instructions:  Bring money for lunch at Kingsdale Giant Eagle.  Take outfits home at 3:00.  They are needed for next week.


Tuesday, December 14th  
Holiday Choral Concerts
Stevenson Elementary

Report time/Location:  8:00 AM/Stevenson Gymnasium
*(Classes to be missed- 1st and 2nd period, late to 3rd)
Performance time:  8:40 AM
Student Preparation:  Arrive in concert dress.  Pack a change of school clothes.
Related Instructions:  Return to HS during 3rd period via bus
(Students who drove need to drive DIRECTLY back to the HS!)
LMS Students
Report time/Location:  1:35 PM/choir room
*(Classes to be missed- ½ 7th, 8th)
Performance time:  2:00 PM
Student Preparation:  Quickly change into concert dress. 
Related Instructions:  2 options after concert: 1.) Take outfit home and report to warm-up at 6:30 PM wearing it. or 2) Leave outfits at school and report at 6:15 PM to change for concert.
Public Evening Concert- free admission 
Report time/Location:  6:30 PM/choir room
Performance time:  7:00 PM
Student Preparation:  Concert dress
Related Instructions:  GS Leave outfits at school for tomorrow.  CC take outfits home.

Wednesday, December 15th  

Ohio State House 

Report time/Location: 10:45 AM- choir room.  Bus leaves at 11:05
*(Classes to be missed- 5th, possibly late to 7th)
Performance time: Noon
Student Preparation: Bring concert dress outfits to school
Related Instructions: Cash needed for 1:00 lunch after the performance. May also want to have a snack before/after changing. Outfits go home at 3:00.
PUBLIC performance- free admission.