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Online Assessment Resources

This page provides information about the New Ohio Assessments. This page will be updated as new information and resources become available so please check back often.

If you have questions about online assessments please contact:

Dr. Jamie Lusher,

Chief Academic Officer of Grandview Heights City Schools

[email protected]


Video: Teacher and Parent Information Meetings

Click Here to view a video featuring excepts from information meetings presented to Grandview teachers and parents. 

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A Side By Side Comparison Of The OAA/OGT and PARCC/OCBA Assessments

Technology Skills

Tech Skills that students will use when taking next generation assessments are listed below. Tech Integration Specialists are working with teachers and students to provide practice and experience with these skills:


Select and onscreen object

Use an onscreen text highlighter


Select text

Use an onscreen calculator

Plot points

Select area

Use an onscreen protractor

Drag and drop

Select and drag or slide an onscreen object

Use a ruler

Type with a text editor


Use onscreen video player

Keyboarding Skills

Grandview offers students access to TypingAgent, an online typing and keyboarding resource that

students may use to develop their keyboarding skills.  

1. Go to

2. User name = School email address

3 Password = School email password

• Please email Marc Alter ([email protected]) if you encounter problems accessing TypingAgent.

PARCC Practice

The following sites provide resources designed to help students become familiar with the layout, functions, and skills needed to navigate the online assessments.


This website has numerous resources that teachers may use to help students prepare for PARCC. It also has links to sites that will allow teachers to create their own practice assessments. 


This site provides practice Math and English Language Arts tests at various grade levels. You may choose computer-based or paper-based assessments. Answer keys are provided for practice tests.

Practice Tutorials for Students

The following sites provide tutorials designed to help student prepare for the format, questions, and user interface of next generation assessments.

When you arrive at this web site choose Student practice resources, from the menu on the left side of the screen then choose Student Tutorials and Tools. You will see a collection of short tutorials that provide guidance for each type of answer that may appear as part of an assessment.   

The purpose of these tutorials is to demonstrate the navigation and tools available for Computer-Based Assessments and the use of the Test Booklet and Answer Documents for Paper-Based Assessments. The items appearing in these tutorials are samples used to allow students and educators to gain familiarity with the technology platform and paper-based format that will be used for PARCC assessments.