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Our Story

Our Story
We are different, and we like it that way!
Established in 1906, Grandview Heights Schools is proud to be one of the oldest school districts in Central Ohio and the smallest public school system in Greater Columbus.  We’ve created a truly unique learning experience that combines the quality, heritage, and intimacy of private schools with the accessibility and openness  of a public school.  With extremely low teacher-to-student ratios and high levels of investment and parental engagement, we are able to provide truly personalized learning experiences and a rigorous curriculum that allows our students to compete at the highest levels.


Through athletics, the arts, extracurricular clubs, and dedicated service to the community, our students are highly engaged.  Students often participate in multiple activities and, because we are small, our teachers, coaches, and advisors work together to ensure that our students really can do it all.  Over the course of a school year, more than 40% of our students participate in both performing arts and athletics.  In the fall, more than half of our high school students are on the field during football games, either as athletes or members of the marching band. This level of student engagement makes us truly special.  Diverse interests are recognized, encouraged, and fostered and it is through these unique blends of activities that lifelong bonds are created, a shared sense of responsibility is developed, and an acceptance and appreciation of others is nurtured.


Our community of Grandview Heights is a warm and friendly, socio-economically diverse city measuring just 1.3 square miles, and is home to a thriving cultural environment, a generous business community, a nationally ranked public library, growing economic development, and active and engaged residents.  These qualities are reflected in our schools and provide the foundation for our exceptional performance.  In our broader community, we embrace the dynamic city of Columbus that surrounds us and utilize the world outside our buildings as a laboratory for learning.  We offer the best of both worlds in this perfect combination of small town and big city.


With a strong sense of tradition and a great sense of pride, we continue to evolve so that we may always be at the forefront of teaching and learning.




Our story can be characterized in six short words:

historic, open, engaged, rigorous, intimate, and curious.


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