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Black History Month

Baba Jubal is an African American born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His great, great grandparents were brought to the Carolinas as slaves from Gambia, West Africa. He began learning African rhythms at age 13 from Julius Renford “Flash” Ford a drummer of Caribbean and African heritage.
Baba Jubal is a third-generation pioneer of African drumming and drum-making in the United States. His art form originates from the royal craftsmen of the Bambara and Manding people. The tradition has been handed down through the following families: Diakite, Kanuteh, Susso, Jabate, Kouyate, Diop, and Konteh. The musical instruments and the music they produce are critical to maintaining social, religious, and ceremonial communication and cultural continuity.
Baba Jubal Harris has been using his knowledge of African music and culture to inspire children. Through his skilled hands, he creates drums and performs across the state.
To learn more about Baba Jubal Harris and see a video of his drumming, visit