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Volunteer Information

Providing a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff is a district priority.  In keeping with this standard, the Board of Education has adopted policies and regulations governing the volunteer process.

What is the process to become a volunteer?  Volunteers must first go through an application process that includes a background check.  There are two types of background checks, BCI/FBI and Secure Volunteer, required depending on the circumstances of your volunteer service.  
If your volunteer service may require you to be alone with students without the supervision of a Grandview Heights Schools' staff member, then you are required to have a BCI/FBI (fingerprint) background check. Examples include: Lego League, Science Olympiad, Band Camp, and overnight field trips.  Background checks are considered good for a three-year period.  This background check is quick, free of charge, and can be easily scheduled by calling Hayley Head, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, at 614-485-4015 to schedule an appointment.  
If your volunteer service includes the supervision of a staff member (such as classroom volunteer, day field trip volunteer, Wellness Day, All Arts Day, Science Day), then we ask that you complete an online Secure Volunteer background check.
Secure Volunteer is a customer-friendly, convenient, web-based process to background check school volunteers. Volunteers can now complete the process by simply clicking on the button below.   Once the background check is successfully completed, the volunteer's name is placed on the next available Board of Education agenda for approval. 
Once a volunteer has received a successful background check, Secure Volunteer will mail the volunteer a confirmation letter and verified wallet card.  The volunteer's name and school district are printed on the card along with the volunteer's background check expiration date. Secure Volunteer will send a notification directly to you when your background check expires and remind you to re-apply if you so desire.  A Secure Volunteer background check is considered good for a three-year period.  A BCI/FBI background check is good for a five-year period.  
As background checks are processed and approved, the approved lists will be updated and attached to this page.  You may notice that the list actually appears to be two lists, not one cohesive list.  That is because we have the two levels of background checks with two different databases that are not able to be integrated. The two listings are BCI/FBI and Secure Volunteer.   
If you have questions, need further clarification, or need to check a background check status that may be in progress and/or does not yet appear on the updated list, then please contact Hayley Head, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, by emailing [email protected] or by calling (614) 485-4015.  
Grandview Heights Schools greatly appreciates its volunteers and the key role they play in adding value to our students' educational experience. Thank you for volunteering!  
To access the Secure Volunteer application, click on the APPLY NOW button below or on the link: