Grandview Heights Schools

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Please use the phone numbers and emails below to directly contact an individual, school building, or district office.   For all other inquiries, call 614-485-4015.
Stevenson Elementary
Main Office 614-485-4200
Angie Ullum, Principal, 614-485-4201
Denise McGee, Secretary, 614-485-4200
Edison Intermediate / Larson Middle School
Main Office 614-485-4100
Scott Stewart, Principal, 614-485-4101
Shawn Hinkle, Asst. Principal
Claire Parson, Secretary, 614-485-4100
Carrie Mollette, Secretary, 614-485-4111
Grandview Heights High School
Main Office 614-485-4000
Rob Brown, Principal, 614-485-4001
Shawn Hinkle, Asst. Principal
Teresa Clayton, Secretary, 614-485-4000
Cheri Berlin, Attendance Office, 614-485-4004
Grandview Heights Athletic Department
Brad Bertani, Director, 614-485-4009
Karen Feast, Secretary, 614-485-4008
Superintendent's Office and Board of Education
Andy Culp, Superintendent, 614-485-4015 
Hayley Head, Executive Assistant, 614-485-4015
Treasurer's Office
Beth Collier, Treasurer, 614-485-4018
Jennie Clifton, Assistant Treasurer, 614-485-4018
Kirsten Carroll, Human Resources Manager, 614-485-4019

Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Jamie Lusher, 614-485-4023
Director of Student Services
Dr. Madeline Partlow, 614-485-4030

Director of Facilities and District Services
Brett Bradley, 614-485-4007
Registration and EMIS Coordinator
Jamie McClary, 614-485-4016