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Student Achievement

Congratulations to seniors Katherine Taylor, Shea McHugh, Adelle Bechtel, Nya Feinstein, Gage Mohr, and Sam Speaks who were award college scholarships by the The Northwest Kiwanis Club at a special dinner held Sunday, March 3, 2019.

The Northwest Kiwanis Club was founded in 1928 and during that time has offered many service projects for the communities of Upper Arlington, Marble Cliff, and Grandview.  The Northwest Kiwanis Scholarship Program is just one of many projects the club has sponsored in past years.  

To be eligible for one of the eight scholarships the high school senior student must live in OR attend a high school located in the city of Upper Arlington, Grandview, or Marble Cliff and be in good standing to graduate from high school.  The Northwest Kiwanis Club presently awards eight (8) one year scholarships.  Seven (7) of the scholarships are valued at $1,200 and one (1) is valued at $1,500. It should be noted that seven (7) of the scholarships are funded by Northwest Kiwanis and one of the $1,200 scholarships is funded by Tri-Village Soccer Association in the name of Dr. Robert E. Davis.

One of the scholarships funded by Northwest Kiwanis is named The Jim Oyer Northwest Kiwanis Scholarship.  This particular scholarship requires a separate scholarship application.  This is a scholarship for a high school student that has a documented disability.   

All of the applicants for the eight (8) scholarships will be evaluated based on grade point average, quality of course load, character, ACT/SAT Test Scores, community service work, school activities, any special circumstances, and a letter of recommendation written by a supervisor or participating adult from one of the community or school service organizations listed in the student’s application.  

First and third from left (standing): Katherine Taylor, Shea McHugh; seated from left: Nya Feinstein, Gage Mohr, and Sam Speaks.  Not picutured: Adelle Bechtel.