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Academic Signing Day 2019

A total of 41 Grandview Heights High School Seniors recently participated in Academic Signing Day 2019.  To be eligible to participate, each senior had to be offered at least $20,000 in scholarship money to or from the higher institutions in which they applied to attend college.  This year's total scholarship offers is $10,045,704.  
Before signing their certificates, each student stands before an audience of fellow students, staff, family, and friends and shares what college they are attending, what they plan to study, and then personally thanks those family members and/or staff members who have helped along their way.  The signing is followed by a breakfast in the Brotherhood of Rooks Media Center for students, staff, family members, and friends.
Academic Signing Day is coordinated by College and Career Counselor Jane O'Shaughnessy.  A list of student honorees is at right.
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