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Fall 2020 Update

Dear Students, Staff, and Families, 

The district has embarked on a three-phase process to collaboratively engage our students, staff, and parents to help design various scenarios for what learning could look like as we head into this Fall. 

Like all other school districts in Ohio, we will work within the framework of guidelines from the Ohio Department of Education and local health officials. We've all seen what a fluid situation this has been; therefore, we will need to continue to be as flexible as possible in our planning.

As a reminder, the three phases are data and feedback; design and construction of options; and, finally, a decision phase. 

Thank you to our students, staff, and parents who participated in the survey as part of Phase 1.   The survey results can be found here: 

Right now, we’re in the process of unpacking the data. This feedback will help shape how we develop our plans for the possible scenarios, and most notably, for distance learning.  

During Phase 2, we will be working on three back to school scenarios:  1) Traditional School Setting; 2) Hybrid Model of Traditional and Distance Learning; or 3) Distance Learning.  By planning and preparing for a variety of situations, we can pivot from one plan to another if needed. We owe it to our students, staff, and families to be fully prepared to deliver our stated mission to maximize and personalize every student's learning and, at the same time, be flexible should we be forced to shift from one scenario to another if the environment or rules change.   

The final phase, Phase 3, is the decision phase.  I, as your superintendent, will be making a recommendation to the Board of Education to approve our plan for delivering either distance learning, a hybrid model of learning, and/or traditional learning with a focus on the health and safety of our students in late June or July. 

Together, we must continue to be nimble, flexible, and adaptable in regards to our planning.  Thank you for your continued grace, flexibility, understanding, and participation in your child’s education, and thank you for taking the time to help us plan for the future.


Andy Culp, Superintendent