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Wellness Opportunity

Due to COVID-19, the Grandview Heights Recreation and Parks Department will not be able to hold its annual Pumpkin Run and have instead invited residents to TROT the Heights between November 1 through 15.  Here are the details:



TROT the Heights

November 1-November 15

Register Today!   Be sure to register early so we can order enough t-shirts!

$15 per person
Trot as many miles as you can from November 1-November 15. If you trot, walk, or run the square mileage of Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff (1.59 miles) per day, you will win an event t-shirt!  All miles must be tracked on a device that syncs to the Pacer App. For a list of devices click here.

Download the Pacer App, free in the Appstore. You will receive a code to enter to join TROT the Heights group. We recommend downloading the app before October 27 to be sure all your questions can be answered before the race begins.

To win an event t-shirt, complete 23.85 miles in 15 days! (1.59 miles per day)
To win an event quarter zip, finish in the top 5 for male over 16, female over 16, male 16 and under, female 16 and under. Live updates on the app!

You do NOT have to be a Grandview Heights/Marble Cliff resident to participate.  Email Taylor for more information at 





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