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A Message from Supt. Andy Culp

Grandview Heights Schools has a strong foundation. We are a community steeped in tradition and committed to excellence. In over a century of existence, our schools have not experienced a school year like this one. Despite the mounting obstacles, we are committed to moving forward in supporting students and families, both academically and emotionally. And for this, I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Grandview Heights Schools family.

Our leadership team and building administrators have provided steadfast leadership. It is my honor to work with this innovative and effective group of professionals.  Thank you for your stability and support for staff, students, and families during this time of great uncertainty. 

Our teachers, school counselors, and paraprofessionals are continually rising to the challenges of educating and supporting our students amidst a global pandemic. In addition to academics, our students are learning flexibility, creativity, and the importance of self-care.  Thank you to our teachers, school counselors, and paraprofessionals for thinking outside of the box to present content in a way that accommodates learning during these uncertain times, while keeping the needs of the “whole child” at the center of your daily lessons.   

Thank you, office staff. With limited access to visitors, new attendance procedures, and an ever-changing school environment, our secretaries have done a phenomenal job of handling their typical administrative duties as well as those that have emerged this school year. 

Thank you to our school nurse and health professionals for answering questions in these times of uncertainty and for their transparent communications. Your leadership and knowledge is greatly appreciated and more critical than ever as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Thank you to our food services professionals. Feeding our students looks different this year.  Our food services staff works diligently to provide nutritious meals in a safe and efficient manner.  This includes feeding all of our students whether they are present physically in our buildings for in-person learning or engaged in remote learning.  

Keeping our learning spaces clean and safe requires an elevated level of care.  In order to provide in-person learning, we have adopted increased sanitation practices. To our custodial staff, thank you for making in-person learning possible.  As well, thank you to all staff members who contribute to a clean and safe environment.  

While this is not a typical year, we will make progress.  We will continue to find new ways to teach, learn, and support one another.  And most importantly, we will take the time to express gratitude for one another as we move forward, together. On behalf of the Grandview Heights Schools Board of Education and leadership, I wish each and every one of you a safe and healthy holiday.