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K-3 Food Drive 2022


What is it?  It's a food drive partnership with Boulevard Presbyterian Church to distribute food to those in our community who need it most.  The goal?  Collect 2,000 nonperishable items the week of November 14-18. 

  • Nov 14th - Macaroni Monday - Boxed pasta (plastic bags rip and spill)
  • 15th - Tuna Tuesday - 5 oz cans of tuna in packed in water
  • Nov 16th - Mac n’ Wednesday - Boxed Mac n Cheese
  • Nov 17th -Thanksgiving foods Thursday- Grits
  • Nov 18th - Fruity Friday- Cans of fruit
Many thanks to Elford, Inc. who worked with our first graders to design and build a Blessing Box
On Wednesday, November 9, Jay Tadena from Elford, Inc., members of Boulevard Presbyterian Church, and Stevenson Elementary gathered together to celebrate the partnership.  The first grade students will use items from the food drive to stock the pantry box as well as be responsible for it for the rest of the school year.