Grandview Heights Schools

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Striking the Right Note

Larson Middle School musicians Rose Ritzman (alto sax, 7th grade), Halle McNamara (trombone, 7th grade), Ashlyn Quinby (baritone, 7th grade), Mira Bondy (clarinet, 8th grade), and Isla Swisher (tenor sax, 8th grade) and Grandview Heights High School musicians Tucker Betz (percussion, 9th grade), Max McCollough (horn, 9th grade), and Charlotte Ritzman (flute, 9th grade) were all selected by director nomination to participate in Ohio Wesleyan’s University Honor Bands.  The Honor Bands consisted of two middle school honor bands and one high school honor band with each group featuring approximately 90 gifted musicians from across the state of Ohio.

“It is an outstanding achievement to be selected to participate in these Honor Bands.  Congratulations to all of these students for going above and beyond with these these performance opportunities,” said Jennifer Olis, GHHS Band Director.