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Fairy Tale Edition

Stevenson Elementary All Arts Day 2024 is a wrap!

We had a great day exploring the world of fairy tales! A REALLY BIG THANK YOU to our amazing parents, grandparents, artists and musicians who joined us today and to all of you who were able to volunteer your time. You made this a fun and exciting day for our kids!

Today, we poured lots of ingredients into Mrs. Colahan’s magic cauldron which lead us on a journey to explore the stories of the Three Little Pigs, Rapunzel, Peter and the Wolf and Jack and the Beanstalk. Students built houses for our pigs in hopes they’d withstand the breath of the Big Bad Bobcat and they used their acting skills and imaginations to bring these stories to life.

Collage Artist Judi Young and Mrs. Bova took us further on our fairy tale journey with themed masterpieces using the art of collage. The art will be on display in the school.

Ellie Carter, dancer/teacher/and mom of two Grandview Heights Bobcats shared the classic story, music and dance of Peter and the Wolf with the first and third graders. The kindergarten and second grade classes enjoyed creative movement and dance inspired by Little Red Riding Hood with dancer and teacher, Chloe Napoletano. 

We were joined by many musical guests.  Craig Courtney, a Stevenson Elementary grandparent and composer, visited the second graders. Emily Riggin, a piano and voice teacher at Musicologie worked on basic rhythms with kindergarten. Mr. B, Mr. Petit’s student teacher, ran an impromptu jam session with his band Nicholas. 

DramaKids, brought out the creative, sales-pitch side of the third graders. They will be offering Broadway themed camps this summer for any budding thespians. And last but certainly not least, The School of Rock Columbus, put on a raucous show for all our kids. Chad and Russ are two musicians who love spreading the joy of music through education and rocking out on stage. If you are interested in learning more about classes or camps, you can visit their website.

Thank you for your support of the Arts at Stevenson Elementary!


Anna Kalnow, AAD PTO Chair, Mrs. Bova, Art Teacher, & Mr. Petit, Music Teacher