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GHHS Career Speaker Series: January 16, 2014

On January 16 GHHS students had the opportunity to listen to the following professionals speak about their careers. 

View a recording of this event.

David Pritchard
Civil Engineering

Independent Consultant and self-employed

This is engineering that deals with building things in and around cities and towns to help people in their daily lives. It involves the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including working on and / or constructing roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.

David has worked in far away places such as water resource planning in Morocco and drainage / municipal services design in El Salvador.

He worked to provide a street and other municipal facilities and services to the neighborhood of Las Pilitas in San Pedro Puxtla, El Salvador in Central America.

The project team developed plans and funding and oversaw construction of a street, drainage, retaining walls, erosion control, improved sanitation and water quality investigations for this community of 150. The project improved the health, safety and quality of life for residents, opened the neighborhood to businesses, and improved the social status and self esteem of the residents by integrating them into the larger community of San Pedro Puxtla.

Dwight Heckelman
Musician, Music Industry

So, you want to be a rock star. Or maybe you want to work in the music industry.

Heckelman is a graduate of Nashville-based Belmont University, and his 20-year music industry experience spans working at major and independent record labels, recording studios, music publishers, and as a music writer for several industry publications. He developed music industry education programs at Hocking Community College and Otterbein University, and teaches several business courses at GROOVE U.

Immersed in music from a young age, Heckelman went from playing in garage bands to recording top bands.

“Higher education needs to be held to a higher standard.” That was the thought Dwight D. Heckelman, GROOVE U founder and director, had after working at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. He clearly saw the immense gap between what the music industry needs and what traditional higher education provides. Call it an epiphany, or what you will, Heckelman took a leap of faith and committed three years, $1 million and an advisory panel of experts to build GROOVE U. 

Daric Gill

Do you enjoy art or aspire to be an artist? This speaker is a multimedia artist who makes his living selling his art.

Daric Gill Studios is a well-rounded art entrepreneurship that joins together many art aesthetics into a unique and multi-faceted professional art business. In other words, Daric is one of the lucky ones who is an artist… full-time.

The GHHS Career Speaker Series is presented in partnership with the Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce with special thanks to Director Michelle Wilson and Jessica Khouzam Walli.