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Fourth Graders Take Center Stage

Mrs. Hoepf's and Mrs. Zimmerman's classes had two performances; one during the day for Edison Intermediate and Larry Larson Middle School students, and another in the evening. They showed amazing stage presence and poise.

Mrs. Hoepf's students performed in the play titled "The American Revolutionary War Adventure and the Crazy Substitute."
In their play, when a substitute visits the classroom, students are sucked through a portal through the time-space continuum. They find themselves in the Revolutionary War era, meet individuals affected by the war, and learn the importance of the time period in America's history.

Mrs. Zimmerman's students performed in the play "The Journey of the Five Rules."
In this play, five kids live in a town with no rules. No one is respectful, responsible, caring, safe, or honest. They create a time machine and transport themselves back to the 1950s to stop a corrupt mayor and bring order to the present.

We look forward to seeing Mrs. Penn's and Mrs. Graves' students perform their plays in February!