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Technology Update

Thanks to the commitment of the staff, school board, and community, our district is moving forward with plans to implement a 1:1 computing initiative. This is truly an exciting and dynamic time for Grandview Heights City Schools. We have an opportunity to dramatically impact the way a student learns and are fortunate to be in a position to transform the way we teach.

The program will start at the high school level where this coming fall students will be issued a Chromebook to supplement their learning. Technology will become an integral part of the learning process where students engage in instruction utilizing their devices. This on-going integration of technology extends beyond using computers in isolated settings such as a lab during scheduled times.

We have an obligation to our students to create an environment that mirrors the college campuses where they will attend and the places where they will work. They will be expected to use technology fluently to think critically, collaborate with others, and work independently to find solutions.

Technology is an ever-present feature of their world that impacts how they think, how they play, and how they learn. We have the responsibility to provide an environment in which they will thrive today and into the future. Our 1:1 initiative is designed to equip our students with the skills they will need to be successful and competitive beyond their years with us.