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Performing Arts News

On Saturday, January 27, 2018, at Reynoldsburg Summit High School, several Grandview Heights High School students performed solos in the Ohio Music Educators Association (OMEA) Solo & Ensemble Adjudicated Event. The OMEA rating system is as follows: I- Superior; II- Excellent; III- Acceptable.  Our students garnered 17 Superior ratings, two Excellent ratings, and only one Acceptable rating.  Congratulations to the following students who performed in instrumental and vocal events:

Instrumental events:

Aubrey Kelly, Megan Roberts, Taylor Underwood (Flute Trio) - 

Kieren Bode (Tuba Solo) - I

Carolyn Laprete (Trumpet Solo) - I

Maggie Lobley, Emily Rutter, Leah Voltolini (Trumpet Trio) - I

Mia Marcellana (Flute Solo) - I

Nya Feinstein (French Horn Solo) - I

Emily Rutter (Trumpet Solo) - III

Titus Baker (Classical Guitar Solo) - I

Vocal solos:

Aria Cadeau - I

Sam Carter - 

Judah Cook - I

Connor Dobies - II

Ellie Kahle - I

Mary Beth Kauffman - I

Erin McLauchlan - I

Cassidy Ritchey - I

Sela Simmons - I

Kit Stephens - I

Hannah Tose-  I

Matt York - I