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Student Recognition

At the February 2018 Board of Education meeting, Grandview Heights High School student Sheaman Schofield was recognized with a district Bobcat Award for his attention to detail and outstanding efforts as a Student Work Study Program employee at Stevenson Elementary.  The Bobcat Award, co-sponsored by the Tri-Village Rotary Club, recognizes an outstanding contribution of time, talent, or effort to the Grandview Heights Schools by an employee or community member.  

Stevenson Elementary Principal Angie Ullum and Custodian Jose Guerrero nominated Sheaman for the award.  See below for excerpts from the nomination. 

Sheaman is hard-working, dedicated, and ambitious. He comes to work and gets started with little assistance. He always puts forth his best effort and does not have to be asked to do anything twice.   He is dependable and rarely misses his work days, even in the summer. When he completes a task he takes the initiative to find something else that needs to be done. He is excited to share with me everything he has accomplished for the day. He takes pride in his work and it is great to see him smile. I have enjoyed working with Sheaman and I have loved watching him turn into a dedicated and proud Grandview Heights Schools employee.

-- Stevenson Elementary Principal Angie Ullum and Custodian Jose Guerrero


Photographed from left: Superintendent Andy Culp, Sheaman Schofield, and Stevenson Elementary Principal Angie Ullum