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Technology Update

Grandview Heights Schools Technology Department, led by Chief Technology Officer Chris Deis, shared its Technology Plan 2018 at the April 25, 2018, Board of Education meeting. 

The work outlined in the plan is the culmination of conversations and interactions with Grandview Heights Schools staff and students.  The plan outlines the process and the internal and external influences which enable the district to provide a high level of service to staff and students.  

The nine goals outlined in the plan are based directly on the feedback collected and will be a core focus of the 21st Century Team and the Technology Department for the next few years in the ongoing effort to maximize and personalize every student’s learning. 

The plan is based on the following:

  • An iterative research approach to identify our needs.
  • The role of a coach and professional development is paramount to our success in meeting the needs of our students.
  • The coaches are and will continue to be dynamic in their approach to meeting the needs of the staff.
  • Utilizing a diverse set of frameworks (ITIL, CoSN, FR, ISTE, ODE, GHS) to ensure our systems, processes, instructional practice, and instructional technology pedagogy are relevant to the needs of staff and students.
  • The nine goals of the plan include:
  1. Improve student/teacher interaction of devices
  2. Provide PBL units on digital safety for all grades
  3. Continue providing custom and innovative PD
  4. Provide students with troubleshooting, productivity, and keyboarding skills
  5. Simplify login for everyone, one username/password per user
  6. Enhance security for all staff
  7. Improve and evolve the IT department methods for support
  8. Get our backend systems talking to each other to help keep data current/accurate
  9. Go 1:1 for all students K-12 in fall 2018.  iPad for K-1 and Chromebooks for 2-12.  Additional technology resources available/shared (iPads, Macs, VR, AR, coding, robotics, etc.)

The attached Technology Plan includes an overview, the team, the responsive role of a 21st Century coach, frameworks, IT service management documents, identifying teacher needs, essential themes, technology goals, and device plan and budget.