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Volunteer Recognition

At the June 6, 2018, Board of Education meeting, Bobcat Revue Chairpersons Dot Keil and Heidi Card were recognized by Dr. Jamie Lusher before the board for their years of vision and leadership in making the Bobcat Revue such a success.  The Bobcat Revue showcases the talents of our students in grades K-6.  The 2018 Revue was the largest yet with 58 acts that included 213 students. 

Over the years, Keil and Card have worked hard to increase the show’s quality and the student experience. They coach students during auditions and rehearsals so that their acts are as good as they can be.  They set high standards and hold students accountable to those standards.  Lip syncing or “sing-along” acts were eliminated and vocalists have to use live accompaniment or karaoke versions of the song, or sing a Capella. 

The Revue has never cut an act and put processes in place to make sure the acts are prepared.  They also added a workshop day where performers can come for an extra chance to rehearse on stage and receive feedback/assistance from the chairs, if desired.  The Revue has more students and fewer adults as volunteers.  High school students serve as stage manager, stage crew, sound tech, light tech, and emcee.  And local businesses are recruited to "sponsor" the show by providing donations in exchange for a mention in the program and during the show.  

At the 2018 Revue Keil and Card took their final bow as chairpersons having scripted a treasured tradition and meaningful learning experience for so many students.  Bravo, ladies! 

Pictured from left: Heidi Card, Dr. Jamie Lusher, and Dot Keil