Grandview Heights Schools

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Keeping Students Safe

Grandview Heights Schools has many procedures in place to keep our students’ safe. Examples include having secure check in and check out procedures, whereby all visitors enter through the office and having a locked building at all times.  

As a school district, it was decided it was imperative to learn new techniques to keep students’ safe during emergency situations that might include a lockdown or evacuation. As a result, the entire Grandview Heights Schools staff has undergone training in the ALICE technique.  ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) is a comprehensive program used to train and build survival strategies for a violent intruder event.

By law, all of our safety drills, including evacuation drills are unannounced and shared with the Grandview Heights Police Department.  We will continue to conduct drills and practice the components of ALICE in the future.  Rehearsing these skills helps empower our students and staff to make quick and safe decisions in the event of an emergency.  

Photo caption:

In August 2018, the Grandview Heights Schools staff gathered for their second year of ALICE safety training led by Officer Scott Hiles of the Grandview Heights Police Department.  All district staff members are trained in ALICE, active shooter civilian response training.  (Photo courtesy of Marc Alter)