Grandview Heights Schools

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Patriot Day Observance

This week Grandview Heights Schools observed Patriot Day and all that it represents by honoring the value of life , our country’s resilience, and the strength of the American spirit.  Each of our school buildings observed Patriot Day in a unique way. 


At Stevenson Elementary, students and staff honored Grandview Heights’ first responders.  Firefighters and police officers were greeted with cards and letters and thanked by students, families, and staff as students entered the school building Tuesday morning.  First responders were also treated to a continental breakfast in the gymnasium.


At Edison Intermediate/Larson Middle School, the Bobcat TV staff wrote and produced special announcements, the entire school observed a moment of silence, and teachers provided age-appropriate classroom observances.


At 8:46 a.m. Tuesday morning, Grandview Heights High School students collectively paused to honor those who lost their lives, and the many who sacrificed their lives to protect others.