Grandview Heights Schools

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Grandview Heights High School was recently recognized for high academic achievement as a recipient of the Overall A Award by the Ohio Department of Education.


As an Overall A Award winner, the high school’s state report card shows the school is demonstrating high academic performance for students of every background and ability level.


“It is an honor to be a part of an elite group of schools across Ohio that have earned all A’s on the building-level report card,” stated Principal Robert Brown. “Achievement like this doesn't just happen.  It is the result of the long hours, knowledge, genuine care, collaboration, and willingness by our students and staff to do whatever it takes every single day.”

Beyond the accolades of receiving high marks on the state report card, Grandview Heights Schools is committed to the mission of maximizing and personalizing every student’s learning.

“While this is truly something to celebrate, we must also measure achievement beyond the grades we receive on the report card,” added Superintendent Andy Culp. “Through our mission, we are committed to providing students with unique, well-rounded learning experiences that will prepare them for top colleges, good careers, and life.”

For a comprehensive look at the Grandview Heights Schools educational experience, visit and select “Departments” and “Teaching & Learning” to view the Academic Prospectus and Quality Profile or click here