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Ohio School Board Recognition Month

At the January 9, 2019, Board of Education meeting, members were recognized for their service and leadership of the Grandview Heights Schools with remarks by Superintendent Andy Culp and a surprise video featuring students' musings on what a school board is, does, and what they would do if they were a school board member.  View the short video here and read Superintendent Andy Culp's remarks below. 

On behalf of Grandview Heights Schools’ students and staff, as well as the Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff communities, I would like to offer each one of you a heartfelt THANK YOU for your commitment to our students, the sacrifices that you make in being away from your respective families, your courage, your leadership, and your service to our district!

Each of you should feel very proud of yourself for the time, commitment, dedication, and leadership that you have shown to and for Grandview Heights Schools, this community, our staff, and our students.   We have accomplished so much in the last few years together, and there is still so much more work to do!  Serving on a school board is not without its challenges.  This is especially true when you are showing the needed leadership in actualizing our authored mission: “To maximize and personalize every student’s learning.” 

Service Above Self is a theme that embodies EACH of you.  You each possess a higher purpose, greater than your own self-interest, and it is that guiding principle that has helped make you successful not only for today’s students, but also for tomorrow’s students!  Your impact will be felt for many, many years to come. 

Students first.  It is this lens through which each and every decision, objective, and tough decision is made.  “Students first” is not just a catch phrase, but the heartbeat of what each of you advocate and believe and, in the end, guides your most challenging decisions that makes Grandview Heights Schools truly a SMALL PLACE TO DREAM BIG!

It is truly humbling to be afforded the privilege of serving as your Superintendent.  Thank you for your leadership, service, and friendship.   And now, with thanks to Marc Alter and Megan Brady, we have a small token of our and others genuine appreciation for your service. 


Photographed from left: President Jesse Truett, Vice President Melissa Palmisciano, Debbie Brannan, Eric Bode, and Molly Wassmuth