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Construction Updates

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This is a very exciting time in the history of Grandview Heights Schools. We have broken ground on our Facilities Master Plan to build a new 4-8 building and renovate Grandview Heights High School. We remain committed to our goal of completing the project on time and on budget. We plan to complete all ADA and safety upgrades by the summer of 2022, and have students attend school in the new 4-8 building and renovated high school by the winter of 2023.

Our stated construction mission is “Honoring Tradition. Building Excellence.” This project is about connecting all generations of Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff and ensuring our schools remain a small place to dream big!
If you have questions about the master plan, please email  If you have construction questions or concerns, please contact Senior Project Manager Jay Tadena at or Chris Tyo at  



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Water Outage on Fairview Avenue - Tuesday, July 14, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.



letter from CKE


water outage map





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May started off with concrete foundation work continuing and the completion of the approach at the middle school parking lot and the middle school water relocation/tie in. An area for construction material storage (lay down area) received fresh asphalt and work continued on the basement walls and elevator shaft.  Next up, masonry foundations and waterproofing.


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CKE update

CKE update




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Construction is progressing on the project. This past month utility work continued, temporary walls were constructed in the high school, and demolition has started! Upcoming work includes basement excavation, tree relocation, and transformer switchover.  New flyover drone video has been added to the left.  Check it out!

construction photo

construction photo 




Weekly SUmmary





Weekly Summary 3.20.2020





Construction Update - EILMS Student Pick-Up and Drop-Off 


We have had a new system in place for about a month for student pick-up and drop-off. We believe things are going fairly smoothly; however, we have a couple recommendations to improve the safety of our students and families.


Please keep in mind that every precaution and protocol is in place for the safety of our students. Student safety becomes even more important as the weather turns from winter to spring. We will likely have an increase of walkers and bikers.


Please keep the following in mind:

  • The school drop-off and pick-up area is a parking lot. Please watch your speed, as there have been too many vehicles going through that area far too quickly. 

  • The only area to be used for student drop-off and pick-up is the designated lane in the west-facing parking lot of EILMS, which is off Oakland Avenue. Do not stop on Oakland or West First Avenues for these purposes. We have also instructed students to not cross the parking lot during these times. That is very difficult to enforce if drop-off and pick-up is occurring outside the designated lane.  

  • Oakland Avenue is a one-way, one-lane road. We have seen vehicles passing others on the left-hand side of Oakland Avenue. This is extremely dangerous for everyone involved.


Some patience and planning will go a long way to keep our students safe during construction time. Additionally, the building continues to be open at 7:30 a.m. to alleviate morning traffic congestion. 






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GHS Weekly Summary 3.6.2020





Hand-Delivered Letter to Nearby Residents


Neighbor Letter 3.6.2020





A quick reminder that there will be some weekend building demolition activities over the weekends to make way for our new 4-8 building.  This weekend work is being performed in order to minimize the impact to our students’ learning experience during the school day.

On March 14 and 15, 2020, and March 21 and 22, 2020, demolition of small sections of Grandview Heights High School will occur.  Construction noise consisting of saw-cutting, falling demolition debris, and equipment running and beeping can be expected. If you should have any questions, please contact our Construction Superintendent, Chris Tyo, with any questions at or email me at  We thank you in advance for your continued patience and support of our facilities process. 

Weekend Work




Construction Update - EILMS Parking Lot

Over Spring Break, the Oakland Avenue exit will slightly change to accommodate construction progression. The last three parking spots (represented in red), just before the existing exit, will change over to become the new exit. The current grass strip (represented in green) will be removed to add back parking spots. 

Oakland Parking View 3.5.2020




Construction Update


The fences are up and work has started! Over the past month the construction team has worked to make the sites safe, begun work to allow for the safe abatement of hazardous materials as well as started site clearing activities. Currently the team is hard at work on the area(s) required for the utilities. This includes a sanitary tie in at Oakland Avenue, a gas line relocation, and new poles coordination with AEP. Next up the team will work on the material laydown area and site work and storm removal.  Demolition work is scheduled to occur on March 14 and 21. 




Hard Hat Update #2



CKE Drone Flyover





Weekly Construction Update


Weekly Construction Update





GHHS / EILMS Construction Update


AEP Oakland Construction WorkDear Neighbors of Grandview Heights Schools and Community Members,
Please know that traffic flow and resident access along Oakland Avenue between West First and West Third Avenues will be closed this weekend from the hours of 9 a.m. – 5p.m. Saturday, February 22nd, through Sunday, February 23rd. Columbia Gas will be installing a gas line. ONLY RESIDENTS will be allowed access to the road during this time.
During these two days (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) there will be very limited access to Oakland Avenue for residents to access their driveways. We recommend cars not be parked on the road during these times. The construction teams will make every effort to maintain access for residents during these times, but allow for some possible delays. All excavations will be closed with steel plates, and the road will be reopened to the public by 5pm each day.





GHHS / EILMS Construction Update

We have learned that construction work will take place Saturday, February 15 through Friday, February 21, 9AM-2PM, that will impact traffic flow and resident access on Oakland Avenue between West First and West Third Avenues. Only Oakland Avenue residents will have access during this time. There will not be any work on Sunday, February 16. This work will include:


  • February 15 and February 17: A reroute of some underground gas piping and tapping into the main on Oakland Avenue.

  • February 18 through February 21: Tapping into the sanitary line on Oakland Avenue, which requires road excavations. A new student walkway will also be installed, which will occupy parking spaces for the remainder of the new building construction.


On these dates, 9AM-2PM, there will be limited driveway access for Oakland Avenue residents. Street parking during this timeframe is not recommended. For student late arrival and early dismissal during the week of February 17, 9AM-2PM, please notify the Main Office at or (614) 485-4100.  


For GHHS students, this should not impact arrival and dismissal times, but students who are mobile throughout the day may need some extra time/ a different route.





EILMS Construction Update

Before and After School Procedure


In continuing efforts to work through this construction phase, with student safety as the primary focus, we are making a few adjustments to help alleviate some of the concerns.  


The EILMS building has always been open for students at 7:45 a.m. Beginning Monday, February 10, we will open the building for students at 7:30 a.m. The expanded drop-off window should clear some of the 7:45-8 a.m. traffic congestion.


We will increase the number of staff members at the front of the school for dismissal. Grade-level discussions with students were held today, covering before and after school safety, concentrating on students walking on sidewalks and crossing at designated crosswalks. This is the third conversation with students, but repetition is the key!  Thank you for your continued conversations and patience as we work together through the construction. 



A Message to Residents

In keeping with the Grandview Heights Schools commitment to safety first and clear and concise communication, we want to share the following information and updates regarding the school construction project.  Some sidewalks will be closing in the coming weeks and, in anticipation, we encourage residents to begin using the new routes now for a successful transition. Attached please find site plans that detail: 


  • Updated fencing boundaries and bike rack relocations
  • Updated drop off and pick up locations
  • Updated walking routes and crossing guard locations
  • Student walking paths between EILMS & GHHS


We ask that families review this information with their student(s) and encourage all residents to be aware of their surroundings, follow the crossing guard and walk signal instructions, and respect any and all signage, staging materials, and rules.  These items and procedures are in place for everyone’s safety. 

If you would like to receive construction updates via email notification, please visit and select the Construction Updates tab.  Select Sign Up for Construction Updates in the navigation menu.  If you should have any questions or concerns during the construction process, please contact the Corna-Kokosing Elford (CKE) On Site Supervisor Chris Tyo at or Senior Project Manager Jay Tadena at  For more information on the construction process and progress, click on the Construction Updates tab at





We are currently in the midst of change with the onset of construction. While things are running pretty smoothly, we want to share a few reminders and updates and make some minor adjustments, based on what we experienced last week.  



ALL students must enter the building through the Commons doors located on Oakland Avenue. This will be the only door that is unlocked to the building in the morning.


ALL students dropped off in the morning must enter at the Commons doors located on Oakland Avenue. Look for the marked “drop-off” lane along the Oakland Avenue side of the building.  Please remember to pull as far forward as possible to keep traffic moving and to avoid a backup on Oakland Avenue. ALL students must be picked up from school on the Oakland Avenue side of the building, as well.


ALL students will exit the building through the Oakland Avenue-facing doors at 3PM. These exits include the main office, 6th grade hallway, 8th grade hallway, and Commons doors. 


Students MUST use sidewalks at all times and cross streets at crosswalks at West First Avenue and Oakland Avenue or West First Avenue and Grandview Avenue. This is for the safety of our students and those around them.  



The bike racks on the southeast corner of the building will be relocated to the Oakland Avenue side of the building. ALL bike riders will secure their bikes on the Oakland Avenue bike racks and enter the building through the Commons doors in the morning.


WALKING TO and FROM SCHOOL (Please see attached maps.)

Students MUST use sidewalks and properly marked crosswalks when walking to and from school. This is for the safety of our students and those around them. 

Due to the impending sidewalk closure on the north side of West First Avenue between Broadview Avenue and the construction entrance, walkers coming from the east will need to travel on the south side of West First Avenue to Oakland Avenue, cross at the light, and enter the building through the Commons doors. 



We have some good news to share! Students will be traveling to the high school through an adjusted walkway on the east side of Oakland Avenue all the way to West Third Avenue and will enter the high school through the main entrance. The return will follow the same route, and students will enter the middle school through the main office doors.  

Safety barriers will be installed, separating the walkway from Oakland Avenue, and a staff member will be onsite with the students at all times. If you have any questions, please contact the onsite Superintendent of our project, Chris Tyo at   


For more information about the construction process, please click on Construction Updates on the district website.  Thank you for your support in helping to keep our students safe during this exciting time of change and improvement to our schools. It is greatly appreciated!




Thank you to everyone who attended our ceremonial groundbreaking on January 11, 2020! We have started the project off on the right foot with the successful execution of the first Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) which covers Phase 1 demolition, abatement, concrete, masonry, elevators, plumbing, electrical and HVAC enabling work, site work, and utilities. The second GMP has been bid to the subcontractor market and the team is currently conducting bid and scope completeness reviews with the bidders to ensure that the bids they have are submitted are complete and accurate. We believe that we will execute the second GMP at the March Board of Education Meeting.

We are excited to report that construction is officially underway with the start of the installation of the construction fencing on January 27. By February 10, we will have started site clearing and earth moving as well as the preparations for the partial demolition of the high school to make way for the new 4-8 building.  Drone footage 012320 is attached.



We are pleased to report that we have just completed the design phase of the project. During the design phase, the district’s architects facilitated workshops and meetings with staff, community members, and students on the design of our new and upgraded school facilities. The district created multiple committees to review and provide feedback to the process and hosted community meetings so that all stakeholders were actively engaged from start to finish. With your feedback, we were able to design buildings that will prepare our students for today’s modern world. Thank you!

We will now begin moving dirt and preparing the site for construction.  Residents can expect to see large equipment and fencing appear around the schools, as well as changes to access to sidewalks and parking lots, and modified traffic patterns. Anyone who’s built or renovated a home knows that it can sometimes be disruptive to our daily routines.  Our goal is to work with our families, staff, and community to make sure this process goes as smoothly and safely as possible. We will communicate these details with you as they begin to happen, so that you can plan your day around them.

We remain committed to our goal of completing the project on time and on budget. The plan is to complete all ADA and safety upgrades by the summer of 2022 and have students attend school in the new 4-8 building and renovated high school by the winter of 2023.