Grandview Heights Schools

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Stevenson Elementary
Main Office 614-485-4200
Lisa Sullivan, Principal, 614-485-4201
Sabrina Laycock, Secretary, 614-485-4200
Larson Middle School
Main Office 614-485-4100
Shawn Hinkle, Principal, 614-485-4101
Matt Wion, Asst. Principal, 614-485-4108
Brittany LaPack, Secretary, 614-485-4100
Brianna Dominach, Secretary, 614-485-4111
Grandview Heights High School
Main Office 614-485-4000
Sam Belk, Principal, 614-485-4001
Matt Wion, Asst. Principal, 614-485-4003
Teresa Clayton, Secretary, 614-485-4000
Cheri Berlin, Attendance Office, 614-485-4004
Grandview Heights Schools Athletic Department
Brad Bertani, Athletic Director, 614-485-4009
Brittney Payne, Middle School Athletic Director, 614-4008
Karen Feast, Secretary, 614-485-4008
Superintendent's Office and Board of Education
Andy Culp, Superintendent, 614-485-4015
Hayley Head, Executive Assistant, 614-485-4015
Treasurer's Office
Beth Collier, Treasurer, 614-485-4021
Jennie Clifton, Assistant Treasurer, 614-485-4018
Human Resources
Kristina Brannon, Human Resources Coordinator, 614-485-4019
Chief Academic Officer
Angela (Angie) Ullum, 614-485-4023
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Deis, 614-485-4035
Chief Student Growth & Development Officer
Robert Brown, 614-485-4030
Denise McGee, SIS Coordinator, 614-485-4031

Director of Operations
Jim Buffer, 614-485-4006
Registration and EMIS Coordinator
Jamie McClary, 614-485-4016
[email protected]

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