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News (including EILMS construction updates)



Attention Class of 2024 - Eighth Grade Promotion Ceremony via YouTube

Larson Middle School is pleased to present a virtual Promotion Ceremony for our eighth graders and their families.




03.10.2020 EILMS Pick-up and Drop-off Reminders


We have had a new system in place for about a month for student pick-up and drop-off. We believe things are going fairly smoothly; however, we have a couple recommendations to improve the safety of our students and families.


Please keep in mind that every precaution and protocol is in place for the safety of our students. Student safety becomes even more important as the weather turns from winter to spring. We will likely have an increase of walkers and bikers. Please keep the following in mind:


  • The school drop-off and pick-up area is a parking lot. Please watch your speed, as there have been too many vehicles going through that area far too quickly. 


  • The only area to be used for student drop-off and pick-up is the designated lane in the west-facing parking lot of EILMS, which is off Oakland Avenue. Do not stop on Oakland or First Avenue for these purposes. We have also instructed students to not cross the parking lot during these times. That is very difficult to enforce if drop-off and pick-up is occurring outside the designated lane.  


  • Oakland Avenue is a one-way, one-lane road. We have seen vehicles passing others on the left-hand side of Oakland. This is extremely dangerous for everyone involved.


Some patience and planning will go a long way to keep our students safe during construction time. Additionally, the building continues to be open at 7:30AM to alleviate morning traffic congestion.





03.05.2020 EILMS Construction Update


Over Spring Break, the Oakland Avenue exit will slightly change to accommodate construction progression. The last three parking spots (represented in red), just before the existing exit, will change over to become the new exit. The current grass strip (represented in green) will be removed to add back parking spots. Please see the attached map.


If you have any questions, please contact the onsite Superintendent of our project, Chris Tyo at   


For more information about the construction process, please click on Construction Updates on the district website.


Thank you for your support in helping to keep our students safe during this exciting time of change and improvement to our schools. It is greatly appreciated!