Grandview Heights Schools

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This is my fifth year teaching at Larson Middle School, and I feel very fortunate to be part of Grandview's wonderful faculty. I am a graduate of Miami University and, prior to working in Grandview, I taught language arts at New Albany Middle School for seven years. Throughout my career, I have absolutely loved working with adolescents; each day they fill me with joy, inspiration, and hope!
I am excited to work with my students each day as they grow in their understanding of themselves and of the world around them. I promise to work diligently to foster my seventh grade ELA students' growth as readers, writers, listeners, and speakers. I hope that the texts students read, the papers they write, and the conversations we have will enrich each unique learner, as well as the classroom community as a whole. There is nothing I care about more than helping each student know and feel his/her intrinsic worth and value.  
Grandview is a tremendously supportive, collaborative community, and I am, once again, so very happy to teach and coach here. 
Go, Bobcats!