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Chromebook Support


Stevenson Elementary, Edison Intermediate/Larson Middle School, and Grandview Heights High School media centers have ‘loaner’ Chromebooks, which can be checked out to students who need to get their device repaired. All Chromebook issues will be spot-checked by a teacher first who will then refer the student to the media center to obtain a loaner device. Once repaired the device will be returned to the student and they will check their loaner device back into the media center.


How to get a loaner Chromebook:
Step 1 : Students who have a device problem should show the issue to their teacher.

Step 2 : The teacher confirms the device has an issue to warrant a loaner. Examples include: No Power - Device not turning or won’t charge or It’s Broken - Obvious physical damage (cracked screen, mouse/key issue, etc).

Step 3 : The teacher sends the student and device to the media center to get a “loaner”.

Step 4 : The media specialist confirms the device has a problem, then checks out a loaner Chromebook to the student and creates a support ticket (at for the device with an issue.


How the repaired Chromebook is returned:
Step 1 : Tech support will pickup the device which was reported in step 4 above.

Step 2 : Tech will evaluate and repair the device or send it out for service if needed.

Step 3 : Once repaired/replaced, the device will be returned to the media center.

Step 4 : The media center will request the student return the loaner to be checked back in and return the repaired device to the student.


Please note: If the student gets a loaner device and the issue immediately returns to the new device than the issue is most likely not the original device but instead it is probably something associated with a setting, app, or extension the student has installed on their Google account. The technology department will work with the student to determine the cause and get them back to what’s important as quickly as possible.





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Technology Plan

The Grandview Heights Schools technology plan is a dynamic document which focuses on the pedagogical and technical needs of the district related to achieving our mission of maximizing and personalizing every student’s learning. Historically, Grandview Heights Schools has embarked on the process of writing a plan about every three years to meet the changing needs of the staff and students. The process of comparing our internal needs with relevant and modern research, processes, and tools allows us to efficiently focus on our district’s vision. In addition to publishing a written plan every three years this process is continuously revisited to inform and shape the responsive structure of the 21st Century Learning team.  You can download a copy of our technology plan at the bottom of this page.