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Health Services is part of the Department of Student Services.  Here you will learn more about the Health Services program in the Grandview Heights Schools. 

It is the goal of Health Services to protect and improve the health of the students and staff in the school community. It is our goal for children to enter the classroom in optimal health and ready to learn. When children miss school due to illness and other factors, they are excluded from the learning process.  If you have additional questions, please contact district nurse, Amy Elliott, RN, at or by phone at the following numbers:

  • Grandview Heights High School - 614-485-4002
  • Edison Intermediate & Larson Middle School - 614-485-4102
  • Stevenson Elementary - 614-485-4202


COVID-19 Dashboard

Current = Student/Staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19, or a probable positive COVID-19 diagnosis based on exposure/symptoms.
Recovered = Student/Staff member who has tested positive for COVID-19 or a probable positive for COVID-19 diagnosis that has completed their isolation period, and has been released to return to school/work per the health department.

Stay Informed

Response Protocol for Sick or Positive COVID-19 Students or Staff

What To Do When Your Child Has COVID-19 Symptoms?

CDC Contact Tracing Infographic


To stay updated on the COVID-19 pandemic, visit Ohio Department of Health site:

A Daily Health Assessment Guide/Check-In is below and attached for your information and use. 


Daily Health Assessment

Hand Washing Guidelines

Can’t say it enough. Whether or not you get a flu shot, the best way to keep any disease from spreading is hand washing. Children should be taught to wash thoroughly:

  • Before eating or handling of food.
  • After using the bathroom.
  • After cleaning up their rooms or toys.
  • After touching any animal including family pets.
  • After coughing, sneezing or blowing their noses.
  • After being outside playing or working.


Immunization Requirements - 7th and 12th Grade

The immunization requirement for 7th grade states that prior to entry into 7th grade all students should have 1 dose of Tdap (Adacel) and 1 dose Meningococcal Vaccine (MCV4).  Watch for the information sheet in the monthly newsletter. This dose is to be given during the Middle School years. The 7th Grade Immunization Requirement Form is below. 

The immunization requirement for all students entering the 12th grade are required to receive 2 doses of the Meningococcal Vaccine (MCV4) prior to entry into the 12th grade.  The second dose of the vaccine must be administered on or after the 16th birthday.  There must be at least an eight week time span between the first and second dose.  If the first dose of the vaccine was administered after the 16th birthday, a second dose is not required.  The 12th Grade immunization Form is below.