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5-Year Forecast

Sharing our financial story clearly and consistently with our community is a priority for Grandview Heights Schools. The district takes great pride in operating in both a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.  Below is a link to the district's most recent 5-year forecast prepared by the Treasurer/CFO's Office.  
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Grandview Heights Schools' Five-Year Forecast: A Stable Outlook for the Future 

On May 8, 2024, the Grandview Heights Schools Board of Education approved the district’s five-year financial forecast, showing a stable financial outlook for the future due in large part to a strong local tax base.  Local funding, which includes Grandview Yard revenue and property taxes from residents and businesses, accounts for 88% of the district’s operating budget.  

Tax revenue projections increased by approximately 2% as a result of the 2023 Franklin County property reappraisal.  Through this process, conducted by the Franklin County Auditor, property values are updated county-wide based on sales data and trends from the prior three years.  Although property values in Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff increased by 15%, a state law known as  House Bill 920 limits inflationary growth on voted tax levies, allowing tax revenue growth to the school district only on inside millage when values increase.

Revenue from Grandview Yard continues to be another strong source of local revenue and exceeded 2023-2024 estimates by 2.5%.  Looking ahead, revenue projections have increased slightly due to continued growth and development. 

Grandview Heights Schools has also benefited financially by leveraging higher interest rates to  strategically invest funds not needed for immediate cash flow needs.  Investment income is expected to exceed $750,000 for the 2023-2024 year, significantly surpassing initial projections. 

These strong performances of local revenue are great news considering our district receives very little funding from the state. We are extremely appreciative to our community in their continued support of our schools. It is this support that allows Grandview Heights Schools to provide the high-quality education that our community expects.

The forecast also reflects the positive results of our spending budget, showing expenditures slightly under the annual budget, demonstrating our continued commitment to responsibly managing our financial resources, one of the pillars of our strategic plan.

Lastly, the forecast highlights the Board of Education’s continued commitment to the community, setting aside funds from the Grandview Yard each year to lower the bond levy millage collected from taxpayers.  The district earmarked $908,906 from its 2023-2024 budget for this purpose and the forecast reflects our ongoing commitment to the community.

Grandview Heights Schools appreciates and values the continued support of the community as we remain focused on our mission to maximize and personalize every student’s learning, while continuing to be good stewards of the tax dollars that you, our taxpayers, so generously provide.