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5 Year Forecast

Solid Financial Outlook, Facility Project on Budget

By Beth Collier, CPA

Treasurer/CFO, Grandview Heights Schools

May 11, 2022


On May 11, 2022, the Grandview Heights Schools Board of Education approved the latest five-year financial forecast. I am pleased to report that our five-year forecast remains financially stable.

Grandview Yard revenue continues to be a strong source of local revenue.  Revenue projections have increased slightly due to continued growth and development of the Grandview Yard. This is great news considering our district receives very little funding from the state. We are extremely appreciative to our community in their continued support of our schools. That support allows us to provide the high-quality education that our community expects.

Our master facilities plan, made possible by the support of our Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff communities, remains on time and on budget.  Students and staff are enjoying the new Larson Middle School and our high school renovation is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2022. If these construction projects were beginning today, the price tag would be approximately 25% higher, proving this was the right project at the right time and a sound investment for our district and our community.   

Both teachers and the district have agreed to a new contract, which provides 3%, 2.75%, 2.75% increases on base compensation over the next three years. The agreement allows us to stay competitive, attracting and retaining great teachers for our students, but is also fair to our taxpayers in today’s job market.

We have worked collaboratively with our teachers and support staff recently to make changes to our insurance benefit plan, including changing insurance carriers and adjusting the plan benefits. With the volatility of insurance costs, we are pleased that staff and the district came together to evaluate plan design and premiums to contain costs and ensure long-term plan stability. The great news is that our claims have significantly slowed down due to strategies we have adopted to help save money.  Thank you to our staff for helping us contain those costs!

Grandview Heights Schools remains committed to financial transparency and accountability, while at the same time, providing the resources our students need to succeed. None of this would be possible without the support of our Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff communities. Thank you!