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5 Year Forecast

Sharing our financial story clearly and consistently with our community is a priority for Grandview Heights Schools. The district takes great pride in operating in both a fiscally responsible and transparent manner.  Below is a link to the district's most recent 5 year forecast prepared by the Treasurer/CFO's Office.  
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or 614-485-4021.  

Grandview Heights Schools' Five-Year Forecast: A Stable Outlook for the Future 

Grandview Heights Schools presented a stable outlook in its May 2023 Five-Year Forecast, an update that is delivered to the Board of Education every May and November. Despite minimal funding from the state, accounting for just 7% of the district's revenue, the financial status of the school district remains solid, thanks to the strong local tax base, which includes Grandview Yard revenue and local property taxes from businesses and residents.

This year we are nearing the completion of the Facilities Master Plan's Phase 3, accomplished within the projected schedule and budget, which marks a significant milestone.

In light of increasing insurance costs, the district collaborated with staff to overhaul the insurance benefit plan last year. This included a shift in insurance carriers and benefits adjustments - strategies targeted at cost containment and assuring the plan's long-term stability. This proactive approach has already yielded notable results, with a significant decrease in claims.

Moving forward, the district's primary goal is to achieve the mission of maximizing and personalizing each student's learning, while consistently managing financial resources proficiently. Grandview Heights Schools' dedication to its mission and prudent fiscal planning assures a promising and stable future.