Grandview Heights High School Student Office Staff

Grandview Heights High School students graciously volunteer their time and talents during study hall to assist with office duties in the main, attendance guidance offices. 


Coursework is always the first priority, and staff members frequently join the students for assistance, or just to visit!

First semester volunteers in the main office include:

Jaden Allen

Jasmine Amos

Adrienne Bechtel

Jacob Delay

Claire DiCuccio

Calvin Furbee

Jackson Furbee

Joe Gerrick

Kathryn Gossman

Emma Haupt

Carolyn LaPrete

Yelin Lee

Kristin Lipker

Hannah McDermott

Courtney McGuire

Hannah Meyer

Jamie Mihocik

Amelia Naille

Paige Pickering

Rachel Pickering

Emily Reed

Preston Robson

Heather Rager

Lisa Rager

Liz Ritz

Maia Schofield

Chloe Wernet

Tate Wernet


Many thanks to these students for their hard work and dedication. 

You brighten my day!