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ProgressBook & Schoology

Please use Chrome to access the programs below for best results.

ProgressBook Icon

ProgressBook is our student information system and can be accessed by students and parents. ProgressBook provides student schedules, grades, assignments, attendance and your student’s report card. Parents and students in Grades 4-8 have individual registration/login accounts for ProgressBook.

Registration Keys are needed for parents to create accounts. If you are new to the district or need your Registration Key resent, please email Brianna Dominach to request a Registration Key. Once you have activated your key, it will be yours as long as your student(s) is registered in the district.

To go directly to the ProgressBook login page, click here.

Registration Key request and additional questions, email Brianna Dominach.

Schoology icon

As many of you are aware, Grandview Heights Schools is now using Schoology. Schoology is an integrated learning management solution that provides course management and support for school-wide communication. Schoology enables our students and teachers to engage with learning materials and their school community when and where it works best for them. We look forward to using Schoology in our classrooms to safely enhance connectivity and communication across GHS.

Schoology Parent Login

Schoology Student Login

With Schoology, students and teachers can quickly and securely share learning digitally. As a parent, you will be able to view your child’s activity within the platform, read updates from staff, and see any assignments, completed work, or activities. Many of our teachers have already transitioned to using Schoology for their classroom calendar.

Students currently use their email accounts to sign into Schoology. We value your participation in your child’s education and invite you to create a personal parent account on Schoology.  Codes are emailed to families at the start of each school year.

If you did not receive a code for your student in Grades 4-8, please email Brianna Dominach and include your student(s) name(s), grades(s). Codes will be available only for those parent email addresses on file.

Please note:

  • Schoology does not replace ProgressBook, which is our state required student information system.  Parents who use ProgressBook will still continue to go there to check course grades and attendance.

  • To switch between children click the down-facing arrow in the top right of your Schoology account and select their name. The check mark in this drop-down menu indicates which account you are currently viewing.

  • If you or your student are having trouble signing into Schoology, please make sure you are using the proper URL: Students log into Schoology using and parents will log into Schoology using

  • You can configure Schoology to email you notifications.  To set up your notifications click Settings from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner.   From the account settings area, click into the Notifications tab.

  • There are Schoology apps available for Apple and Android.