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Morning / Weekly Announcements

Summer 2022 Announcements

TOUR DE GRANDVIEW BIKE RACE  Volunteers needed on Friday, June 10 - All Volunteers will receive a free event t-shirt and access to the VIP area with food and beverages. Volunteer opportunities can be flexible hours.  To secure your spot in the 2022 Tour de Grandview volunteer group, email Taylor:  [email protected]

THE CHASE LIFE RUN is scheduled for June 25!  Gear can be found here


Grandview Heights Athletics -

Technology Support[email protected]

Grandview Heights High School Alumni Association -

Grandview Heights High School Contact Information

Robert Brown, Principal, 614-485-4000, [email protected] 

Shawn Hinkle, Assistant Principal, 614-485-4000, [email protected]

Bryan Stork, School Counselor, 614-485-4027, [email protected] 

Jane O’Shaughnessy, College/Career Counselor, 614-485-4028, [email protected]

Teresa Clayton, Secretary, 614-485-4000, [email protected]

Cheri Berlin, Attendance Secretary, 614-485-4004, [email protected] 

Brad Bertani, Athletic Department Director, 614-485-4009, [email protected]

Karen Feast, Athletic Department Secretary, 614-485-4008, [email protected] 

Technology Support: [email protected]