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High School Curriculum 2022-2023


High school course planning and scheduling can be an exciting time for students and their families. Navigating the many requirements and options can be challenging. In an effort to communicate this important information the Grandview Heights High School staff have taken the various portions of the high school curriculum and put together brief video installments for students and parents to view. Graduation Requirements Overview Part 1 outlines the credits needed for graduation. Part 2 (for the Class of 2022 AND for the Class of 2023 and Beyond) focuses on the additional pathways for graduation. 

- Bryan Stork, High School Counselor

Graduation Requirements Overview Part 1

Overview of the credits needed for graduating. This provides a framework for understanding the high school options and helps guide the scheduling process.
*** The link for Updated Graduation Requirements Part 1 is listed above. ***


Graduation Requirements Overview Part 2 - Graduating Class of 2023 and Beyond

In addition to the graduation credits required, students in the graduating class of 2023 and beyond must also demonstrate competency in English Language Arts and Mathematics and meet at least two readiness categories outlined in the following video.
** Change for the Graduating class of 2026 and Beyond: Financial Literacy will no longer be covered in the 11th Grade government course, but rather it will be a stand alone semester course available starting 11th grade year. **


Graduation Requirements Overview Part 2 - Graduating Class of 2022

This video outlines the additional pathways students of the class of 2022 must meet in order to graduate. Students must meet at least one of the pathways. Students in the class of 2022 may utilize the 2023 and Beyond criteria if needed.
** Coming Soon - Graduation Pathways for the Class of 2023 and Beyond. The State is currently finalizing these requirements **

Ohio Diploma with Honors and College Admissions Criteria UPDATED

English Language Arts
GHS began offering the first year of high school science (Physical Science) to 8th graders in the 2020-2021 school year. 
** Update 2/17/21 - Astronomy and Geology will be offered in 2021-2022. **
Social Studies
** New Classes available in Social Studies starting 2022-2023: Law & Order and Arguing the Law Both courses are a semester length and available to rising Freshmen and Sophomores. **
World Languages
Informational Technology and Business 
Visual Arts
** Photography returns to the course catalog beginning 2022-2023. Also Freshman can now take AP Art History or the Kenyon College Survey of Art course. **
Performing Arts
Industrial Technology
There may be some limitations to Industrial Technology courses during the high school renovations in the 2022-2023 school year.
Student Services / Special Education
Alternative Education Options
Filling out the Course Registration Form
This video helps walk students through the steps of completing their registration forms. 
Note: Freshmen Seminar is replaced by Study Hall on 9th Grade forms.
Also the example here is white, but each grade level has a separate color.
Rising 9th Grade = Blue, 10th = Orange, 11th = Green, 12th = Yellow
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