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Stork, Bryan » High School Curriculum 2019-2020

High School Curriculum 2019-2020


High school course planning and scheduling can be an exciting time for students and their families. Navigating the many requirements and options can be challenging. Typically we host a curriculum night to help guide folks through the process. This year, our event was cancelled due to inclement weather. In an effort to communicate this important information we have taken the various portions of this presentation and put together brief video installments for students and parents to view. This has actually allowed us to dive deeper into some of these areas and you can return to the info at your leisure. 

- Bryan Stork, High School Counselor

Graduation Requirements Overview Part 1

Overview of the credits needed for graduating. This provides a framework for understanding the high school options and helps guide the scheduling process.

Graduation Requirements Overview Part 2

Overview of the Pathways also needed for graduating.

Ohio Diploma with Honors and College Admissions Criteria UPDATED

English Language Arts
Social Studies
World Languages
Informational Technology and Business UPDATED
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
 Coming Soon
Industrial Technology
Student Services / Special Education
Alternative Education Options
Filling out the Course Registration Form
This video helps walk students through the steps of completing their registration forms.
Frequently Asked Questions
Online Scheduling Link
Students will receive scheduling forms. They will complete these forms with necessary signatures and bring those to an online scheduling session with the school counselor. Dates will be announced to students shortly.
They will use the following link to submit their course requests. Note: STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE LOGIN CREDENTIALS AT THE TIME OF ONLINE SCHEDULING.