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Frequently Asked Questions - Curriculum/Scheduling



What is a Core class?

A core class is any English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies or Foreign Language

Note: Foreign Language is not a graduation requirement, but is viewed favorably (and as a core class) by colleges. Note, there is a foreign language requirement for the honors diploma tracks.


Is foreign language required to graduate?

No, you do not necessarily need to take foreign language classes to graduate. That said, they are viewed favorably by colleges and some schools may require a certain level. It is also a component of the Ohio Diploma with Honors.


Do students have to take Physical Education (PE) and/or Health in high school

Students who attended Grandview Heights Schools during 7th AND 8th grade will have earned the high school PE and Health credits, so they do not have to take PE or health in high school. Students moving in after 7th grade and before 2nd semester of 8th grade will earn 0.5 health and  can earn a PE Waiver by participating in school sports, marching band or cheerleading. An online PE option is available if students do not earn the PE waiver.




Do students have to take the End of Course exams if they meet another pathway (Class of 2022 Only)?

Yes, students must take all seven of the end of course exams.

Exceptions may exist for students moving into the district after completing certain courses. There also might be special education considerations that determine which exams may be required to take.


Can an Advanced Placement course replace an End of Course exam?

            Students can use an exam score from AP US History, AP Government or AP Biology.

            Note: Since Biology is a prerequisite course for AP Biology, students will have already

taken the biology End of Course exam prior to the AP Biology exam.


Do students in the Graduating Class of 2023 and beyond have to take End of Course Exams?

Yes, students must take the Algebra 1 and ELA2 (English 10) End of course exams to demonstrate competency. Students will also take Geometry (subject to change), Biology, US History and Government. 




What do Freshmen need to consider when scheduling for honors classes?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing honors classes.

1. Current grade in that area. If you are considering Honors English 9, how well are you doing in ELA 8? If that is a stretch than maybe consider honors in that area in another year.

2. Assessment scores. We can use MAP data and AIR test data as a predictor of success in Honors.

3. What is your interest level? If students are interested in a particular area, then they tend do better and/or work harder in those areas.

4. Attendance/Work Ethic. Honors courses require a commitment. If a student has trouble getting to school and/or getting work completed then the focus should be developing those habits first and then consider honors later on.

Note: students can talk to their current teachers about what they think is the best fit for them.




Does Physical Science in 8th grade count as a high school credit?

Yes, if students take Physical Science at Larson Middle School in 8th grade then they do earn 1.0 science credit towards graduation?

What are the required Science courses?

Physical Science and Biology are required. A third science course is required for graduation. This can be from any of the science courses offered. Be mindful of prerequisite courses for each science class when scheduling. Also note the credit awarded. A semester class only earns 0.5 credit, so students may need to take two semester courses to earn a full credit. 


Can students double up (take two credits) of Science 9th grade year?

Yes, they can double up any year in high school. Again, be mindful of prerequisite courses.

On the scheduling form, the second credit can be placed in one of the elective slots.

Any additional science credits taken above the minimum 3 needed for graduation can count towards elective credits.




Is Foreign Language required?

Foreign Language is not required to graduate high school, although many colleges like to see 2-3 credits of a foreign language. 

The Academic Honors (More info below) does have a requirement of 3 years of one language or 2 years of 2 different languages.


What languages are offered at Grandview Heights HS?

GHHS offers French and Spanish from Beginner Level 1 through Honors/AP Level 5.

Students can pursue additional foreign language options through the College Credit Plus program.





Can students earn more than one type of Honors Diploma?

Students may meet the criteria for more than one Honors Diploma type, but will only be recognized in one category. Students are encouraged to meet with the counselor to determine which path is best for them.


Do students need to meet all criteria of a particular honors diploma?

There are a variety of Honors Diploma options. In each case, students may waive one of the criteria listed.


Do colleges consider the honors diploma?

Yes AND No. Colleges do not receive any notification of the honors diploma. Keep in mind though, the honors diploma criteria mirror the college admissions standards. So what you do to earn an honors diploma can be viewed favorably by college admissions.


Does the Social Science Honors Diploma require a field experience and/or portfolio?

Yes, the 2019-2020 Course Selection Handbook has a typo and it should say “yes” for both of these criteria.


Do students have to take Honors courses to qualify for an Ohio Diploma with Honors?

No, despite sharing the name, “honors”, students do not have to take any honors courses to qualify for the Ohio Diploma with Honors.