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Service Model

While the State of Ohio requires and sets the criteria for gifted identification, each school district determines the gifted services model. Grandview Heights Schools ensures equal opportunity for all district students to receive any services offered by the district for which the student meets the criteria.


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Differentiated Instruction provided by classroom teachers and supported by a gifted intervention specialist

Differentiated Instruction provided by classroom teachers and supported by a gifted intervention specialist

Differentiated Instruction provided by classroom teachers and supported by a gifted intervention specialist

Enrichment Opportunities 

Enrichment Opportunities 

Enrichment Opportunities 

Extended Learning Class

( ELC)  *Begins in 3rd Grade

Extended Learning Class 

( ELC) 



Math Acceleration 


Advanced Placement


College Credit Plus Course

Early Entrance 

Math Compact

Independent Study/Credit Flex




Grades 3-7:

Extended Learning Class (ELC) provides a cross-curricular, project-based program that addresses the unique learning and developmental needs of gifted students in grades 3-7 who have high cognitive ability and academic achievement. Eligible students are identified in second and fourth grades for participation in the program.

During ELC, students will have opportunities to apply their advanced abilities to expand critical thinking, logical reasoning, divergent thinking, and creative problem-solving skills. Students will also extend and deepen their understanding of a variety of curriculum topics, and will further develop “habits of mind” such as learning to be persistent when tasks become difficult. Issues that are unique to gifted students will be addressed through readings and small group discussions.

Grades 4-8: Math Compacting/Acceleration Pathways

Grades 9-12

At the high school level, students who are identified as gifted in superior cognitive ability or in a specific academic area, creative thinking ability, and/or the visual and performing arts may be provided gifted services via the following courses:

  • Honors
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • College Credit Plus

These courses are open to all students regardless of gifted identification, but are considered to be gifted service settings by the Ohio Department of Education provided the following conditions are met:

  • Student's areas of gifted identification match the content of the course
  • Students have Written Education Plans
  • Course teachers participate in high-quality professional development on gifted education (visual/performing arts and CCP instructors are exempt from this requirement).



When students identified as gifted are reported to parents and the Ohio Department of Education as served, they must have a Written Education Plan (WEP) in compliance with the Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students.

A Written Education Plan, or WEP, is a document required for any gifted-identified student who is reported by the district as receiving gifted services. WEPs may look different from district to district but must include the following information, according to the Ohio Department of Education:

  • Descriptions of services to be provided and goals for each service 
  • Methods for evaluating progress toward goals and how progress will be reported
  • Staff responsible for ensuring delivery of each service 
  • Policies regarding waiver of assignments missed in the regular education classroom while a child participates in gifted services 
  • Deadline for the next review of the WEP (typically the following school year).



If at any time a student wishes to withdraw from gifted services, the child or parent should present a request in writing to the building administrator. If children request to withdraw, the parents will be notified.


Subject and whole-grade acceleration are options at every grade level for any student who meets the district’s criteria. For more information, please contact your building principal or use the following link to make a referral: Acceleration Referral Form