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Fall Play Information/Publicity

Puffs: Or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic
by Matt Cox


Directed by Cary Mitchell


Performances: Thursday, November 2nd  at 7pm; Friday, November 3rd at 7pm; Saturday, November 4th at 7pm
Location:  GHHS Auditorium

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Narrator - Andee Ely

Wayne Hopkins - Silas Grey

Oliver Jones - Isla Swisher

Megan Jones - Anna Smith

Ernie Mac and Others (A Very Tall Man, Seamus, A Certain Potions Teacher, Professor Turban, Ghost History Teacher, Professor Locky, Mr. Nick, Sal, Second Headmaster, Real Mr. Moody) - Charlotte Ritzman

Hannah and Others (First Headmaster, Prof McG, Professor Sproutty, Xavia Jones, Professor Lanny, Runes Teach, Ms. Babble) - Finley Uffman
Finch Fletchley and Others (Uncle Dave, Goyle, Far Friar, C. Longbottom, Hermeoone # 3, Viktor, Mr. Bagman, Zach Smith) - Lucas Campbell

Leanne and Others (Ginny, Helga, Frenchy) - Ella Kinsinger

Sally Perks and Others (Hermeoone, B. Malfoy, Rowena, 

Rita Scooter, Bippy) - Frances Duncan

Susie Bones and Others (Harry, Colin, Hermeoone # 2, R. Gryff, Myrtle - Ellie Turner

Cedric and Mr. Voldy - Colin Parker


Assistant Director - Andee Ely

Stage Managers - Giavanna Cantelmo, Viessa Cantelmo

Assistant Stage Managers - Kate Burke, Caroline Clifford

Production Assistant - Icarus Rodriguez

Light Board Op - Icarus Rodriguez

Spotlight Ops - Teagan Mohan, Bee Dodson

Sound Board Ops - Alek Sletten, Max Walker

Costumes - Peyton Debelak, Ella Bentley, Kate Burke, Isabella Olvera, Ellie Turner, Charlotte Ritzman, Isla Swisher, Aaliyah Acevedo-M.

Props - Caroline Mischnick, Teagan Mohan, Lorene Tingler, Bee Dodson, Finley Uffman, Silas Grey, Ella Kinsinger, Frances Duncan, Max Robb

Scenic Design/Construction - Icarus Rodriguez, Max Walker, Alek Sletten, Bee Dodson, Andee Ely, Max Robb, Colin Parker

Poster/T-Shirt Design - Lucas Campbell, Lorene Tingler

Social Media - Andee Ely, Giavanna Cantelmo, Viessa Cantelmo

Program - Peyton Debelak

Front of House - Isabella Olvera, Lorene Tingler, Aaliyah A.-Monjaraz, Peyton Debelak