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Orchestral Ensembles


Instructional Mission: By being a part of our orchestra, students will develop a lifelong love of orchestral music, as well as utilize skills learned in rehearsals to become a greater being in society. Students participating in orchestra will leave Grandview with a firm understanding of orchestral music, rehearsal strategies, problem solving strategies, internal discipline, working in teams, performing skills, and many more. 

5-12 Orchestra: Orchestra in our district is offered during school in grades five through twelfth grade. Middle school orchestra is one ensemble per grade level, and high school orchestra is one ensemble for all nine through twelve students. 

Instruments: There are no auditions for orchestra at this time, other than instrument fittings which happen during the end of fourth grade. Instrument fittings are simply to see which instrument best fits each student. Instrument choices in orchestra are violin, viola, cello, and bass. When deciding on an instrument, keep in mind that all students are required to rent or purchase an instrument of their own. Instruments can be rented through several music shops around town including The Loft Violin Shop, Music and Arts, and more. If you choose to purchase an instrument outright, please contact me before doing so to make sure the instrument is a good suit for your child. Keep in mind that students who play violin or viola are required to carry their instrument to class every day. 

Concerts: Concerts are our time to share music that each ensemble has worked very hard to put together. All orchestra concerts are school related, graded performances, meaning students are required to attend. Failure to perform at concerts will result in a major drop of the student’s grade. Exceptions and accommodations will be made with Mr. Stanley prior to performances. If accommodations are not met  and agreed upon prior to performances, grades will be affected. We currently have three dates on the performance schedule which can be found on the Performing Arts Calendar. 

Expectations of 5-12 Orchestra Students and Families: The main expectation for students is to do their very best to be the best they can be. While at home practice is not regularly scheduled, it is expected that students will come to rehearsals ready to share the music they have been working on at home. This means that students will need to work on music at home on their own time in order to be successful. I recommend that students spend at least five minutes each day outside of school to play music we have been working on in class. As for parents and guardians, please be a positive force in your student’s learning. The sounds they make at a young age will not always be pretty, but it just means they have room to improve! Be supportive and encourage music making at home! 

Contact: Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments/concerns anytime through Parent Link or via email at [email protected]

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