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Advanced Ensemble Auditions

Congratulations to the members of The Grandview Singers for the next school year!  To our younger students who auditioned and are not yet on the list, it is highly recommended to stay involved in the program through Concert Choir!  You are still an important member of the GHHS Performing Arts team and will be building the valuable skills necessary for future auditions.  Membership in GS usually works out for those who continue to demonstrate work ethic, initiative, patience, and persistence.  





Sophie Andrew (12)
Ellie Butz (12)

Ana Gracia Brunette (10)

Vivi Duckworth (11)

Lilia Pryszczewska (10)

Ella Richards (10)
Maria Sipes (12)
Eleanor Winemiller (10)


Maura Branum (12)

El Debelak (11)
Ali Hamm (11)

Julia Heren (11)

Ireland McCloy (10)

Lily Miller (12)

Mackenzie Starner (11)
Hannah Spaulding (12)



Carter Black (12)
Blake Fisher (10)

Luke Clark Moody (12)
Keegan Kearney (12)

Dominic Moretti (12)

Anthony Rivera (11)
Ben Sterneker (12)



Mikael Black (12)
Walter Donahue (11)

Tommy Ernst (12)

Jack Greer (12)
Sam Hofmans-Currie (12)
Perry Mohr (12)
Harvey Pierce (12)

Griffin Rosinski (11)







1.)  Any student in grades 9-12 may audition for The Grandview Singers.  At least one year of experience in Concert Choir is strongly preferred.  Students who demonstrate strong musical experience and ability as a result of membership in other music ensembles (Marching/Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra or Musical) will also be given strong consideration.

2.)  Availability for all required performance dates.

3.)  Completion of an audition containing the prepared GS Audition Songs, guided range exercise, and guided choral sight-reading exercise.  

4.)  Completion of the audition form, with parental signature indicating consent for membership.  


Scroll to the bottom of this page to find all the files pertaining to GS auditions. 

  • The "information" document is a thorough description of the ensemble, along with the expectations and time commitments involved.
  • The "performance dates" document lists the dates of the required performances.  Make sure you are willing to make yourself available for all performances before auditioning.
  • The "audition form" gets filled out, signed, and brought with you to your audition.  A parental signature indicating permission to be involved is required.
  • The "audition songs" document is the music to be prepared for auditions.  Please notice the tips at the bottom of the page of music!
  • The MP3 files are note learning tracks to help you prepare the songs.




Audition dates 2021 TBA, individually scheduled with Mr. Herrmann

Audition materials and reference recordings are available on the "Jazz Ensemble Audition Materials" Schoology Group-

Access Code:  6VX57-X935M

Individual questions can be directed to Mr. Herrmann via email-