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Performing Arts » Ensemble auditions

Ensemble auditions

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as members of The Grandview Singers for the 2019-20 school year.  Thank you to the many of you who worked really hard and auditioned for so few openings.  I'm proud of every one of you who auditioned.  Your continued work and involvement in our Choral Activities "family" will benefit you in the future.  






Skylar Everett (11)

Maya Hanscel (12)

Ginny Haupt (12)

Ellie Kahle (11)

Audra Naille (11)

Maggie Lobley (11)

Ava Rehbeck (12)

Cassidy Ritchey (11)

Cate Stanley (11)

Devon White (12)



Juliana Bongiorno (11)

Karis Brown (12)

Josie Cantelmo (11)

Sally Hofmans-Currie (12)

Mary Beth Kauffman (12)

Liz McDermott (12)

Lydia Robertson (11)

Sela Simmons (11)

Kit Stephens (11)

Marissa Tose (12)



Adam Bechtel (11)

Spencer Browning (12)

Luke Clark Moody (10)

Daniel Field (12)

Shaun Flanigan (11)

Bryan Gilleland (12)

Dominic Moretti (10)

Luke Wallace (12)

Aidan Young (12)

David Zimmerman (12)



Alan Andrew (12)

Titus Baker (12)

Kieren Bode (11)

Mack Branum (12)

Judah Cook (11)

Connor Dobies (11)

Oscar Dunkle (12)

Johnnie Herlihy (11)

Nick Sarracino (11)

Alex Sterneker (12)








Scroll to the bottom of this page to find all the files pertaining to GS auditions. 


  • The "information" document is a thorough description of the ensemble, along with the expectations and time commitments involved.
  • The "performance dates" document lists the dates of the required performances, except for the community December holiday performances.  Make sure you are willing to make yourself available for all performances before auditioning.
  • The "audition form" gets filled out, signed, and brought with you to your audition.  A parental signature indicating permission to be involved is required.
  • The "audition songs" document is the music to be prepared for auditions.  Please notice the tips at the bottom of the page of music!
  • The MP3 files are note learning tracks to help you prepare the songs.