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Forms and Documents

Kids Club Parent Handbook:
Transportation/Activity Authorization Form:
  •  Walking Permission: If you are giving your child permission to walk home, to the library, or to a practice please complete the Transportation/Activity Authorization form. On the line for Authorized Person please write 'walk self.' 
  • Activity During Kids' Club: If you have a regularly scheduled alternative pick-up person or you child will be walking themselves to a scheduled activity complete the Transportation/Activity Authorization form. (Examples: Soccer Practice Every Tuesday, Cheer Practice, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Origami Club, Art Club, Girls on the Run)
Service Change Form:
  •  Withdrawal Procedures:
 To withdraw from our program, families must complete the Withdraw/Change Days Notice and notify the Kids' Club office at least two weeks in advance. If a two-week notice is not given, families will be responsible for paying for two additional weeks.
  • Change of Schedule
To change your child’s child-care schedule, families must complete the Service Change Form and notify the Kids' Club office at least two weeks before the desired effective date of the schedule change. Due to the demand for full-time spaces, part-time spaces may be limited to specific days. Please call the office at 485-4040 as soon as possible to request a change.
SACC Enrollment Form:
  • All families enrolled must have a registration form, Enrollment and Health Information packet, and current tuition agreement on file with the Kids Club office.  
Optional Care Days
  • There are a number of days throughout the year in which Kids' Club offers optional care when school is not in session. These include late starts, early dismissals and full days. These days are not included in the regular monthly tuition. To register for optional days, please complete the registration form located in your Program Coupon Book and submit it to the Kids' Club office with proof of payment from EZpay confirmation
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Kids Club office directly at 614-485-4011 or e-mail the Kids Club office staff.

Colleen Adkinson, Director

Amy Gardner, Assistant